The Best Kitchen Scales 2019

Are you looking to buy a set of kitchen scales in the UK?

We've combined the owner rating scores from Amazon UK, Argos and John Lewis to calculate a Top 5 of the highest scoring products for you to consider.

Shops Checked/Products Found
= 300
= 42
= 25
£12 - £25

This report shows you five established, reliable kitchen scales, performing as owners expect. Our unbiased recommendations are based on combined owner rating scores, which we also share with you.

This ratings-driven view of the market often highlights unexpected models for sale. It can also steer you away from a 'bestseller' - if the owner ratings reveal poor performance.

The Best Kitchen Scales 2019

How does it work?

We begin by building a list of kitchen scales with more than 50 ratings at Amazon UK, Argos and John Lewis . This jumps straight to the established products, and the rating scores reveal how they've actually performed, according to numerous owners.

We then remove the kitchen scales with less than 4 stars. We now have a list of the higher rated models, with a credible amount of opinion.

We use the same criteria for all our consumer reports: each product must have over 50 reviews and more than 4 stars. After sorting the list by ratings, we compile this Top 5.

The Best Kitchen Scales 2019

Make & Model Total RatingsAverage Rating£ GuideQuick view
Etekcity Bowl Scales10414.8£Amazon
Etekcity Platform7244.8£Amazon
Salter Aquatronic784.8£££Argos
Helect Kitchen Scales694.8£Amazon
Duronic KS500014764.7££Amazon

Total Ratings = Combined ratings from Amazon UK, Argos and John Lewis on 8th January 2019. Report only considers products with more than 50 verified reviews. View all rating scores here.

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Feature & Review Highlights

Etekcity Bowl Scales

  • Detachable 2 Litre Mixing Bowl
  • White Back-Lit Display
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • Kitchen Timer
  • “I agree with other reviews looks more expensive than it is. The illuminated display is very easy to see.”
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Etekcity Platform

  • Back-Lit LCD Display
  • Ultra Thin
  • Modern Design
  • “Very easy to read the large back-lit blue display. Fast reaction to button presses.”
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Salter Aquatronic

  • Add & Weigh
  • 2 Litre Mixing Bowl
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • “Small enough to store easily. Display is easily read and not obscured by the bowl.”
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Helect Kitchen Scales

  • Weighs up to 11lb / 5kg
  • Tempered Glass Platform
  • Time Display
  • Life-Time Warranty
  • “I like the digital readings on the front of the scale at an angle, as opposed to the top platform.... easier to read and large bowls can cover the screen when on a flat top.”
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Duronic KS5000

  • Maximum Capacity 5kg / 11lbs / 5 litres / 175fl.oz
  • Large Display with Blue Backlight
  • Four High Precision Sensors
  • Two Year Guarantee
  • “Very clear read outs and easy to use. Excellent quality.”
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Well Rated Finds The Best UK Products

Our Notes on this Market


This remains a reasonably simple market for the consumer to navigate. We judge this in terms of descriptive product names or obvious design differences etc. Some markets are very tricky when comparing products!

In 2017, the best digital kitchen scales are only sold at Amazon. The Duronic scales that were 1st in 2016 have moved to 4th place. The rest are all new to this report.

We looked at the reviews of over 60 sets of kitchen scales at Argos, 25 at John Lewis and over 40 at Tesco. Some sets of scales scored 4.7 and met our criteria.

However the very high scores at Amazon kept them out this year. (We did see lots of suspect reviews for a set of scales at Amazon – they were omitted from our list, and also reported to Amazon.)

The main manufacturers in this sector are Salter, Duronic, Kitchen Craft and Von Chef.

Etekcity and Jazooli are a new name to us, and get great reviews. Ozeri are known to us – they make excellent bathroom scales, and feature in previous reports we have made.

We have looked at electronic kitchen scales since 2015. In 2015 we saw two pairs of Salter scales and some VonChef scales in the Top 5. You can see our 2015 and 2016 Top 5 by clicking on this data page.


This is a busy product sector. There are five or six main manufacturers who produce most of the kitchen scales.

Generally speaking, a lot of the kitchen scales we saw scored well – around 4.4 out of 5 stars.

In 2016, we see lots of emphasis on design and colour, and improvements in the sensors used.

We have only listed dedicated kitchen scales, as opposed to postal scale hybrids.

We noted the Duronic kitchen scales in our 2015 report. They had many good reviews in 2015, but not enough quantity. These have now entered the Top 5, in first place.


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