The Best Kettles 2017

Are you looking to buy a kettle in the UK?

We've combined product ratings from Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco and created a Top 5 for you to consider.

We discovered around 500 different models for sale at these trusted shops.

This report will show you established and reliable kettles, performing as expected. All based on owner rating scores.

The Best Kettles 2017

This ratings-driven view of the market often highlights unexpected models for sale. It can also steer you away from a 'bestseller' - if ratings suggest poor performance.

Ratings in the Top 5 begin at 4.6 stars

Prices range from £12 to £80

How does it work?

We begin by building a list of kettles with more than 50 ratings. This jumps straight to established products. We can see how they've actually performed over time, according to owners.

We remove any kettles with less than a 4 star rating. We now have a list of the higher rated models, with a credible amount of opinion.

After sorting the product list by ratings, we publish this Top 5.

The Best Kettles 2017

Make & Model Total RatingsAverage Rating£ GuideQuick view
Dualit Studio1094.8££Amazon
Breville Impressions11354.7££Argos
Morphy Richards Prism2614.7£££Argos
Tesco Rapid Boil2254.7£Unavailable
Cookworks Kettle20904.6£Argos

Total Ratings = The combined number of ratings found at Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco on March 8th 2017. View rating scores from each shop here. Our report criteria only considers products with more than 50 owner reviews with rating scores above 4 stars.

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Feature & Review Highlights

The Dualit Studio Kettle

  • 1.5 Litre
  • 2kW for Rapid Boil
  • Sure Pure Spout
  • Anti-Wobble Feet
  • Available in White and Black Colours
  • Great small kettle, easy to pour, lightweight & easy to keep clean.
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The Breville Impressions Kettle

  • 1.7 Litre
  • 3kW for Rapid Boil
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Available in Purple, Black, Red, Cream and Black
  • Excellent product. Looks great, good quality and boils quickly.”
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The Morphy Richards Prism Kettle

  • 1.5 Litre
  • 3kW
  • Brushed Chrome Handle
  • Distinctive Styling
  • Brilliant kettle, boils very quick, really looks good in my kitchen with the matching toaster.
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The Tesco Rapid Boil Kettle

  • 1.5 Litre
  • 3kW for Rapid Boil
  • 360 Degree Rotating Base
  • Removable Limescale Filter
  • “Great little kettle, boils quickly and would definitely buy another one.”
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The Cookworks Kettle

  • 1.7 Litre
  • Exclusive to Argos
  • 3kW for Rapid Boil
  • Available in Black, Cream and White
  • “A modern looking reliable kettle. It boils really fast and it is great to have the blue luminous light showing the water level.”
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Market Insight


This is the fifth update of our best kettles report, and we see quite a shake up compared to the 2016 Top 5.

As you might expect, this is a competitive product sector. We found 170 kettles at Argos, 65 at John Lewis, 380 at Tesco and over 500 at Amazon. Some of these will be different colour variants, but even so – a busy market.

From researching this sector, we calculated the best kettles according to the ratings left by owners.

It was relatively easy to navigate this amount of kettles, with models being quite distinctive in style and with descriptive model names.

While innovation hasn’t been obvious in recent years, we have seen a big push towards style and colour. In 2017 we see more new colour kettles on sale, some of these make it to our Top 5.

As always, we saw products that were very highly rated at one store, only to have a more conservative rating at others – The Dualit 72400, The Russell Hobbs Legacy and the Morphy Richards Accents all ended up with mixed reviews.


In this January 2016 update of our best kettles report, we see the return of two classic Bosch kettles which previously featured in an earlier report; The Bosch Village kettles, TWK3 and TWK7.

The Bosch kettles pushed the Andrew James Kettle and the Igenix Kettle out of the top 5 due to a larger number of reviews. The Andrew James and Igenix are still excellent, very popular kettles.

As we mentioned in last years report, this is a very busy and competitive product sector.

  • Argos sell over 100 different kettles
  • John Lewis  60+
  • Tesco 140+
  • Amazon 200+

In this 2016 update, we also saw a few new models that we expect to do well this year, due to their early customer reviews – The Morphy Richards Prism kettle being one of these.


Originally published on the 13th March 2015, this page saw its first update on the 30th of June. The last 2015 ratings round up was made on the 7th of October 2015.

In the October 2015 update of our best kettles page, we saw the Bosch Village Kettle, the Bosch Styline Kettle and the Waring Traditional Kettle replaced with the Igenix Kettle, the Russell Hobbs Legacy Kettle and the very popular Cookworks Kettle.

These were the 2015’s latest highest scoring kettles according to owners, across the Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco websites after we applied our inclusion criteria.

All the links in this notes section will take you to Amazon UK.

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