The Best Stand Mixers 2017

Are you looking to buy a stand mixer in the UK?

We've combined the owner rating scores from Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco to calculate a Top 5 of the highest scoring products for you to consider.

We ranked the rating scores of around 120 different models.

This report will show you five established, reliable stand mixers, performing as owners expect. These unbiased recommendations are based on owner rating scores, which are also shared with you.

The Best Stand Mixers 2017

Our ratings-driven view of the market often highlights unexpected models for sale. It can also steer you away from a 'bestseller' - if owner ratings suggest poor performance.

Ratings in this report start at 4.7 stars

Prices range from £50 to £550

How does it work?

We begin by building a list of stand mixers with more than 50 ratings at Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco. This jumps straight to the established products, and the rating scores reveal how they've actually performed, according to numerous owners.

We then remove the stand mixers with less than 4 stars. We now have a list of the higher rated models, with a credible amount of opinion. We use the same criteria for all our consumer reports: each product must have over 50 reviews and more than 4 stars.

After sorting the list by ratings, we compile the following Top 5.

The Best Stand Mixers 2017

Make & Model Total RatingsAverage Rating£ GuideQuick view
Morphy Richards 400405544.8£Amazon
Kenwood kMix KMX806854.7££Amazon
Kitchen Aid K45SS3844.7££Argos
Kenwood KM3302964.7£Amazon
Kitchen Aid 1752224.7£££John Lewis

Total Ratings = Combined ratings from Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco on April 21st 2017. Report only considers products with more than 50 verified reviews with rating over 4 stars. View all rating scores here.

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Feature & Review Highlights

The Morphy Richards 400405 Food Mixer

  • 300 Watt Stand Mixer
  • Folding, Compact Mixer
  • 1 Litre Bowl
  • Two Programme Settings
  • Six Speed Settings
  • “Fabulous compact mixer. Really great if you have limited storage space in your kitchen as it folds away into a small box which is great for storage.”
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The Kenwood kMix KMX80 Food Mixer

  • 500 Watt Stand Mixer
  • 5 Litre Bowl
  • Soft Start Function
  • Three Tools Included
  • Fold Function
  • Excellent quality product. The folding action is especially useful. No problems found after 12 months usage.
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The KitchenAid K45SS Food Mixer

  • 275 Watt Stand Mixer
  • 4.3 Litre Bowl
  • 10 Speed
  • Includes Three Tools
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • “What can I say you buy quality, you get quality. My wife loves it, and I love the results!”
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The Kenwood KM330 Food Mixer

  • 800 Watt Stand Mixer
  • 4.6 Litre Bowl
  • Three Tools Included
  • Three Power Outlets
  • Splash Guard
  • “It can run as long as I require it to without a hint of bother. Built to last, built to be usable and built with quality. “
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The KitchenAid 175 Food Mixer

  • 800 Watt Stand Mixer
  • 4.8 Litre Bowl/3 Litre Bowl
  • 10 Speed Motor
  • Pouring Shield
  • We had an old mixer and decided to upgrade to this Artisan 175. It is much, much quieter and more solid than our old machine (not Artisan) and came with all the blades needed.
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Well Rated Finds The Best UK Products

Our Notes on this Market


In this update to our February 2016 best stand mixer report, we see four new machines in the Top 5. The KitchenAid Classic remains at the number 3 slot, still a very popular, solid and capable food mixer.

This remains a popular and high quality sector with many tried and tested machines for you to consider.

The leading manufacturers selling in the UK market are: Kenwood, KitchenAid, Morphy Richards, Bosch, Russell Hobbs and Von Chef.

Last year we saw four Kenwood food mixers in the Top 5. As you can see, Morphy Richards has shaken things up with it’s compact, and very affordable, stand mixer.


When investigating the stand mixer market, we found over 90 different models. We initially made a short list of 20 of the best stand mixers, finally publishing the top 5.

This is a busy, quality product sector, with many stand mixers in the 4.3 to 4.5 star range.

By adding up all the thousands of reviews at Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco, these are the best stand mixers of 2016. They all met our criteria of at least 50 owner reviews and scoring over 4 stars.

We read many times about the longevity of these mixers.


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