The Best Saucepan Sets 2017

Are you looking to buy a saucepan set in the UK?

We've combined the owner rating scores from Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco to calculate a Top 5 of the highest scoring products for you to consider.

We ranked the rating scores of around 100 different models.

This report will show you five established, reliable saucepan sets, performing as owners expect. These unbiased recommendations are based on owner rating scores, which are also shared with you.

The Best Saucepan Sets 2017

Our ratings-driven view of the market often highlights unexpected models for sale. It can also steer you away from a 'bestseller' - if owner ratings suggest poor performance.

Ratings in this report start at 4.6 stars

Prices range from £30 to £130

How does it work?

We begin by building a list of saucepan sets with more than 50 ratings at Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco. This jumps straight to the established products, and the rating scores reveal how they've actually performed, according to numerous owners.

We then remove the saucepan sets with less than 4 stars. We now have a list of the higher rated models, with a credible amount of opinion. We use the same criteria for all our consumer reports: each product must have over 50 reviews and more than 4 stars.

After sorting the list by ratings, we compile the following Top 5.

The Best Saucepan Sets 2017

Make & Model Total RatingsAverage Rating£ GuideQuick view
Tefal Ingenio 75014.7££Amazon
ProCook Gourmet 5794.7£££Amazon
Stellar 7000 5704.7£££Amazon
VonShef Premium 5674.7££Amazon
Argos Home 52934.7£Argos

Total Ratings = Combined ratings from Amazon UK, Argos, John Lewis and Tesco on October 24th 2017. Report only considers products with more than 50 verified reviews with rating over 4 stars. View all rating scores here.

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Feature & Review Highlights

Tefal Ingenio Saucepan Set

  • 7-Piece Saucepan Set
  • All Hob Types – Except Induction
  • Detachable Handle System
  • Space Saving Design
  • “No more bulky pans taking up cupboard space, and no more pan handles sticking this way and that when cooking. ”
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ProCook Gourmet Saucepan Set

  • 6-Piece Saucepan Set
  • All Hob Types Including Induction
  • Stainless Steel
  • 4mm Thick Base
  • “The saucepans have vented lids and are marked with litres inside… a total pleasure to use.”
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Stellar 7000 Saucepan Set

  • 5-Piece Saucepan Set
  • All Hob Types Including Induction
  • Three Saucepans, Frying Pan and Milk Pan
  • Premium Stainless Steel
  • “Excellent value for money, couldn’t find these cheaper anywhere else. Lovely pans that will last a long time.”
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VonShef Premium Saucepan Set

  • 5-Piece Saucepan Set
  • All Hob Types Including Induction
  • Hard Anodised Cookware Set
  • Tempered Glass Lids
  • “As a pro chef, these are great quality.”
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Argos Home Saucepan Set

  • 5-Piece Saucepan Set
  • All Hob Types – Except Induction
  • Aluminium Cookware Set
  • Tempered Glass Lids
  • “They clean amazingly well, good size and incredible value for money!”
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Well Rated Finds The Best UK Products
Saucepan Sets Buyers Guide

These are the main factors affecting owner satisfaction.

Look For:

  • Draining Lids
  • Fast Heating
  • Steam Vents

Watch For:

  • Non Flat Base
  • Hot Lids
  • Weak Handles

Our Notes on this Market


Owner ratings in the saucepan set market are influenced by two main factors: heating evenly and being easy to clean.

Owners are also most satisfied when saucepans are stylish, and have lids with built-in drainers and steam vents.

Bonus features of the better cookware sets: durability, a good weight and cool to touch handles.

Saucepans sets can be quite an investment. They’re expected to perform day after day, for years; with no scratching of coatings, no warping of the base, yet maintaining heat up time. It is common to find manufacturers offering long guarantees in this market.

One of the biggest considerations is whether to opt for stainless steel saucepans or non-stick versions. You might also consider if you’ll use them in an oven – or if they are suitable for the type hob you have.

It is a market that slowly innovates. We are not likely to see a Bluetooth saucepan anytime soon – but small improvements in design are apparent, and will continue. Built-in draining holes in the lids are a popular feature and will save you time (and some washing up). Left and right handed pourers are also something to be aware of. Style and ergonomics are important too, especially if used often.

When looked after, a set of pots and pans should perform well for many years. With a few exceptions, it appears to be a market where you genuinely get what you pay for.

As with previous years, we have only considered cookware sets, saucepan sets and pots and pans with at least 5 pieces when calculating ratings. You might discover different set options of these top rated models, eg 3 piece starter versions, when visiting online shops.


Our 2016 update sees a busy product sector, with each of the four websites selling slightly different saucepan sets. Our criteria for this page was saucepan sets with 5 or more pans, plus our usual requirements of over 50 reviews and a minimum score over 4 stars.

We found plenty of well rated pan sets in the 4.4 and 4.5 range, from many different manufacturers. These included Meyer, Argos value range, John Lewis Shine range and Le Crueset.

Amazon stocked the largest variety but doesn’t have a clean sweep as it did in our 2015 report. In fact, all of last years saucepan sets have been bumped out of this saucepan set report.


The best cookware sets were the Tefal Delight 7 piece set, the Tefal Essentials 5 piece set, the Circulon Infinite 5 piece saucepan set, the Circulon Premier 5 piece set and the Tefal Bistro 5 piece saucepan set. Please note these may well be out of stock now.



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